Category: Ethical Hacking

Every application or site you use is programmed in a particular computer language also known as Programming and people such as Hackers tries to hack it but to break anything first you need to understand and then exploit its weakness, same happens in Hacking, To actually hack anything first you’ll have to understand target application… Continue Reading

What is a Computer Virus? A computer virus is a malicious code designed to spread from host to host by itself without the user’s knowledge to perform malicious actions. It imposes harm to a computer by corrupting system files, destroying data or otherwise by being a nuisance. The reason for designing a computer virus is… Continue Reading

Computers are always likely to be targeted by hackers. Viruses of all kinds of target computers and would infect them if timely action is not taken. Threats always exist, for any computer in any part of the world. So, what’s the remedy? How can you protect your PC from virus and online attacks? Here are… Continue Reading

Today I can tell you how to delete yourself from the internet: Many people make many accounts on websites every day. Some people make an account on the website. If he/she sees that this platform is not good. So he/she can leave it without deleting his/her account on this platform. If you can do anything… Continue Reading

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