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Be Aware Be Secure – Ethical Hacking Seminar

BE AWARE BE SECURE – ETHICAL HACKING SEMINAR explains about concept of stealing data of other system using the network and causing damage to remote users. Hacking is one of the serious issues for many companies where banking, business-related sites should secure data from hackers. Ethical hacking is an important tool in many national security agencies and even companies. The goal of the ethical hacker is to help the organization take pre-emptive measures against malicious attacks by attacking the system himself; all the while staying within legal limits.

The focus of the BE AWARE BE SECURE – ETHICAL HACKING SEMINAR is to teach you how to protect yourself from the menace of hacking. During the workshop, the primary aim is to introduce you to the current popular attacks and explain the techniques to counter them. This BE AWARE BE SECURE – ETHICAL HACKING SEMINAR would equip students to counter the potential attacks and technical know-how of how to make the Internet transactions safe and secure.

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Date: 13 June 2021  (Sunday) (Tentative)

Time: 10:00 AM TO 06:00 PM

🗺️ Venu: Vadodara, Gujarat.

🎫 Ticket Booking Start Date: 1 May 2021

🎟️ Early Bird Event Pass: 1850/- (per participant) (Till 20th May 2021)
🎟️ Regular Event Pass: 2150/- (per participant) (After 20th May 2021)


  • Tea Snacks, Breakfast & Lunch
  • Question and Answer Session
  • Some Surprise Session

⚠️!!!! ATTENTION !!!!!⚠️

  • This Show is strictly based on white hat hacking practices and we do not promote any illegal activity.
  • Take proper written permission from the owner of the website/network/computer or any other property before attempting any attack.


  • The Show schedule is tentative and may change accordingly.
  • Stay tuned to the website & our social media channels.
  • The laptop is not mandatory, but if you carry it would be advantageous to you.


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