Save Tons Of Time With Our Theme Installation Service!

Considering outsourcing some of the one time job is crucial so that you can focus on real business instead of juggling the tools.

Are you new to WordPress? Is your time valuable? Want to create a website but don’t have enough time for it?

Let’s make a deal.

While you create your actual content, we’ll handle the heavy work for you and set up everything with our theme installation service!

  • WordPress Installation
  • Theme install & Adding sample data
  • Logo image upload
  • Plugin installs
  • Removing the footer credits
  • Adding a sample navigation menu

Database, Domain, and Hosting Setup
You’ll get everything set up on your hosting service to be ready for a fresh WordPress installation. We’ll create any necessary subdomains, databases or hosting configurations necessary.

WordPress Installation and Configuration
Besides a fresh copy of WordPress, we’ll make sure you’ll get the right editing permissions to upload images, videos, plugins with no hussle. We’ll configure your links structure for optimal site structure.

Theme, Plugins & Demo Data Installation
We will install the theme and the required plugins to take full advantage of our product’s features. Moreoever, we will configure the demo data so your site looks just like advertised and upload or migrate existing media files (if there are any).

Documentation & Customer support
We’re watching your back by being transparent and sharing every step of our process in a detailed document. You’ll also have direct access to one of our customer support fellows who will walk you through everything and answer all your questions.